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Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Pan of Your Dreams!

I love my cast iron pan. I just love it! It heats evenly so you could use it in place of a baking stone in my Killer Crust Bread. I use mine every day and it makes cooking go so much faster and the cleanup is so easy because its NONSTICK!!!!!

Reasons you need a cast iron skillet: 

1) Made of Iron. This thing is really sturdy. You can drop it and it won’t be damaged. You don’t have to worry about scratching it or discoloring it (it’s black already you see). It’s possible that it can rust, but you can easily clean it. Cast iron skillets will take any and all abuse and still last forever. In fact, your skillet will probably outlast you.

2) It Can Take The Heat. Most cookware comes with heat warnings. Most stainless steel cookware aren't supposed to be heated over 450/500 degrees in an oven. Yes I know cast iron will eventually melt. But you can cook on an open campfire with this thing.

3) It’s Nonstick. Speaking of nonstick, cast iron skillets are nonstick if you season them correctly. Season your skillet by wiping it down with a thin layer of canola oil and then baking it in a 250 degree oven for about an hour and a half. Let it cool and wipe it down and this will be as good as any nonstick pan out there.

4) It’s a Grill.  I know some don't have the option of a yard to grill out, but you can always grill in because you can get a cast iron skillet really hot, it can effectively be used as a grill.

5) It’s Economical. I think some people are actually turned off by cast iron because they think it’s cheap as in low quality. But the reality is that they just happen to be cheap to make which makes them economical, but not cheap. If you pay more than $40 for one, you are getting super-screwed (unless it is a . Not to mention that a lot of people sell perfectly good cast iron skillets at yard sales just because they don’t know how to season them.

6) It’s Versatile. You can make hundreds of completely delicious things in this one pan. For starters, you can make killer crusty bread. You can make really good french toast. You can brown chicken in it for a salad. You can even fry in it, which works well due to the heat distribution.

7) Save on Soap. Once your skillet is seasoned, it actually hurts it to wash it with soap. The soap will break up the tiny oil molecules that are embedded on the pan and make it not-so-nonstick. It’s also possible that the next thing you cook it will have a slightly soapy taste to it! So save on the soap. If you need to scrub your cast iron pan, use salt (cheaper than dish-soap)!!!

8) It’s Vitamin Rich. I know this is a stretch, but since it’s made out of iron, a little bit of mineral iron does get transferred over during cooking.

9) Heat Distribution. This is maybe one of the most important reasons you should own one of these guys. People spends thousands on pots that evenly distribute heat. A cook’s nightmare is a pan with a really bad hot spot on it so half of your food is burned and the other half raw. Cast iron does such an amazing job of evenly distributing heat that you’ll never have this problem.

This is seriously the best pan you will ever own! I am looking forward to getting a dutch oven soon.

Thank you to for assistance.

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