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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Food Waste In America

I read online about people who going "freegan", and were going to the farmers markets to get free food from the dumpsters. And at first I thought that was a bit strange but then I decided it could be fun. So one Saturday my mother drove my sister and I to our state farmers market. We drove around going to each section (its a very large farmers market) and there was so much food I began to understand why people lived off of food that was wasted by others. You seriously could have fed an army for a week off of the food that they threw away! But obviously I wasn't going to bring home all of it because I didn't feel like spending an entire week no breaks canning, blanching and freezing it all. But I was willing to devote an entire day to it so this is what I brought home:

7 Watermelons (one is hiding), almost 150 bananas (which I will be making ice-cream with), 13 zucchinis, 4 apples, 4 cucumbers, 30 pounds of tomatoes, 9 yellow squash, two large bags of iceberg salad (with shredded carrot and purple cabbage in little bags inside) two large bags of spinach.

Eight pounds of mixed peas, which I blanched and froze.

16 oz. of fresh basil

Another shot of the cucumbers, peas, bananas, and one watermelon.

Do you have a dumpster-diving story??? I want to hear about it!!!

Just drop a comment below!!!

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