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Living Frugally

I live with my two amazing parents, my two sisters, and my five brothers. Unfortunately my mom has to support us all on one job. But you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at us, because we have been living frugally and making the most of everything! We eat well, live well, and are happy with our lifestyle!


economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful: What your office needs is a frugal manager who can save you money without resorting to painful cutbacks. thrifty, chary, provident, careful, prudent, penny-wise, scrimping; miserly, Scotch, penny-pinching. wasteful, extravagant, spendthrift, prodigal, profligate.


Easy ways to save money:

Tip #3-   Switch from metal to wood cooking utensils and increase the lifespan of pots and pans.

Tip #4-  Stop buying paper towel and napkin products by using washable alternatives like cloth napkins and old towels or fabric remnants cut into squares.  You can also use newspaper to clean windows instead of paper towels, which work amazingly well.

Tip #5-  Plan your meals around the sale and eat seasonally. On busy nights start a crock pot meal in the morning like chili or beef stew, rather than eating out.

Tip #6- Buy in Bulk

Let's Chat:

Do you have any frugal tips or stories???

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  1. Check out the book "Possum Living" by Dolly Freed

    Here is a vid about it...

  2. Thanks I will definitely check it out!